Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your cabinets made of?

–    We have three different materials that we use. The flat panel series is available in Melamine, solid wood, wood grains as well as Unfinished Wood Veneers. Melamine is a second generation “Formica” or plastic coating product. It is made of wood composite board that is then heat processed with a color coating. We use the finest 3/4″ furniture quality board. Unfinished wood veneers are available in Birch. Veneers are thin slices of wood which are applied to composition board, we use 7-ply wood veneer, 3/4″. Our thermafoil raised panel series is a heat applied, vinyl coating over MDF board. Our wood raised panel doors are made of solid wood and are available in Birch.

2. Can I have a work station, table, etc.   in front of my bed system?

–   Of course this is possible. We offer Unique Bed systems that present a variety of desk, table and work station configurations. When speaking to one of our design consultants just let them know what options you would like to include and we can design a 3d rendering customized to your requests.

3. Are wallbeds comfortable?

–   Yes! They are designed for everyday use. One client has told us, on his new wallbed, he slept through the whole night for the first time in 10 years!

4. What sizes of wallbeds do you supply?

–   We are able to source bed frames in single, double, queen, king and super king sizes.

5. I need a cabinet to match my existing furniture. Is that possible?

–   We have over 45 colours available to select from. If one of the colours we have does not match your existing furniture colour, our amazing production facility can customize and create any colour you prefer.

6. Can you supply additional cabinetry in non-standardized sizes?

–   Absolutely, all of the products we supply can be customized to any dimensions. If you would like any additional cabinetry, our brilliant design consultants can create any product you can possibly imagine.

7. When can I expect my purchase to be delivered and installed?

–   Because demand for our production is so high you can expect your purchase to be delivered in Six – Eight weeks. Our exceptional installers do most of the assembly work on site. Depending on your purchase, installs usually take three to four hours.

8. Is there any way I can see the product before I buy it?

–   Of course, our free in-home consultations are tailored to show you several styles of products and allows you to experience firsthand the quality of our workmanship. We definitely recommend bookiung one, so you can see the functionality of each one of our products.