Murphy Beds

How Does It Work?

William Lawrence Murphy was a single man living in a cramped studio apartment in San Francisco in the late 1890’s. At the time, it was not socially acceptable to regale with females in the same room that brandished a bed, and he disliked the idea of having to constantly maneuver around the furniture when entertaining guests. So he decided to design a bed that could rest against the wall when it wasn’t in use. He began experimenting with a folding bed that pivoted on the doorjamb of a dressing closet and then lowered into its standard position. By the early 1900’s, William L. Murphy’s idea was patented and the Murphy bed went into mass production. The Murphy Bed system remains a separate unit from the cabinets today. The premium steel frame attaches to the floor allowing you to conceal the unit in very tight spaces, even closets. The highly advanced design of the Murphy Bed today compared to the early 1900’s has changed remarkably. It includes an automatic retracting and a self releasing leg system that operates as the bed moves position. The frame, unlike the Panel Bed or Wall Bed system, doesn’t attach to the front cabinetry, allowing you to have swivel or even sliding front doors.
Our patented sturdy steel Murphy Bed frame can bear up up to 3000 pounds of weight. Yet one finger can lift up and pull down this high quality modern bed system. A great invention over a century old that has been modernized to suit any style.
Comfort: The great aspect of the Murphy Bed, Panel Bed and Wall Bed system is you can select any mattress you prefer. The standard design is tailored to fit any mattress 10.5” or less, but our design team can always alter these dimensions at your request. By you selecting the perfect mattress that suits your level of comfort it truly allows us to tailor the Murphy Bed system to your exact needs.
Quality: Our Murphy Bed system is built to last, the frame carries a Life-Time warranty which is evidence that our quality truly is unmatched.
Standard Cabinets: The Murphy Bed system was designed to fit in tight spaces or a cabinet structure already in place, for example; reach in closets and book shelving units. But over the years our design team at Motivo Interiors has customized some exquisite options and has created cabinetry that fits Single, Double, Queen, or even King sizes. The options are limitless with over 45 colours to select from and endless front, centre and side cabinet possibilities allowing us to transform any room into the room of your dreams. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you build that perfect extra bedroom.

Murphy Beds & Wall Beds In London Ontario Canada

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Motivo Interiors: Helping Organize Your Home With Affordable Solutions..

 At Motivo Interiors we specialize in multi-functional space saving products which allow you to turn a limited space into multiple rooms, while still maintaining a modern and organized appearance. We help create more room for guests, work, family and hobbies with the worlds leading Murphy Bed systems. Choose from our large selection of Kitchen Styles & Cabinets, Murphy Beds, Wall Beds, Panel Beds, DIY Murphy Bed Kits & Wall Bed Kits that will allow you to create that perfect room & Kitchen tailored to your needs and wants.

We are proud to say all of our cabinetry is Made In Canada.

Here are some of our AMAZING products that you can only find at Motivo.

Murphy Beds In London Ontario


Zoom Room Murphy Bed

The Zoom Room Murphy Bed ONLY at Motivo Interiors In London Ontario.

Motivo Interiors is the ONLY Zoom Room Supplier & Manufacturer locally because of our high quality standards and far superior materials used than our local competitors. The Zoom Room Murphy Bedsystem is motorized and is as easy to operate as simply pressing the button on the wireless remote. The Zoom Room Murphy Bed is based upon a flexible slatted frame attached to a patented drive train that pulls the bed up a vertical track. The premium foam mattress is famous for its elasticity and ability to maintain shape even after tens of thousands of “bends” from vertical to horizontal.. Motivo is the ONLY Murphy Bed manufacturer & supplier that can provide the largest variety of Murphy Beds & Wall Bed systems in London Ontario & across Canada.

Zoom Room Murphy Bed – Height 87″ Width 64 Depth 24″

The Sliding Library Murphy Bed & Bi-Folding Library Murphy Bed

The Library Murphy Bed.

Our Library Murphy Bed is definitely one of our most popular systems. The sliding front doors are suspended from one of our patented overhead track mechanisms offering a life time warranty and able to hold 800 Pounds. The far superior quality we offer is one of the major reason’s our clients choose us over the competition. The Library Murphy Bed can be designed to accommodate an entire wardrobe with hanging sections and drawers for clothing. You could also have glass shelves with pot lights over head to showcase some of your collected pieces, add doors, or many more possibilities.

Single – Height 88″ Width 87″ Depth 26″
Double – Height 88″ Width 117″ Depth 26″ 
Queen – Height 93″ Width 129″ Depth 26″   

Home Office Murphy Bed

Home Office Murphy Bed Systems At Motivo Interiors In London Ontario.

Whether you work from home full time or just need a space to check email, Motivo Interiors can design a home office to manage personal and professional needs. In many homes, office space has to be flexible enough to accommodate mixed usage. Mixed-use spaces need to be designed for both traditional computer-based work and more space-intensive tasks like bill paying, craft projects, or hobbies.

Our solution is simple and cost effective. With a Home Office Murphy Bed System you get the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost of renovating. We can create the perfect functioning work space tailored to your individual needs while still being able to maintain a guest room for friends and family in a “footprint” that is less than 5 feet by 8 feet by 20 inches deep! All professionally installed with a “built-in” look by our trained installers, without the aggravation of 5 trips to the hardware store when the “ready-to-assemble” furniture you purchased has parts missing. Schedule your consultation today and allow us to demonstrate the remarkable functionality you can achieve in any  room, with a dual-purpose Murphy Bed Home Office System.

Horizontal Murphy Bed

The Horizontal Murphy Bed System.

Some spaces are tighter than others especially in basements or dens which is why we have a Murphy bed system to accommodate any space. Our Horizontal Murphy bed system is great for spaces with drop ceilings or bulk heads. And you can still accommodate overhead cabinets or side cabinets for extra storage. This is another of our leading wall bed systems available in any color, size, and finish.

Horizontal Single Wall Bed – Height 50.5″ Width 80″ Depth 15″
Horizontal Double Wall Bed – Height 65.5″ Width 80″ Depth 15″ 
Horizontal Queen Wall Bed – Height 71.5″ Width 85″ Depth 15″ 

Raised Panel Murphy Bed

Raised Panel Murphy Beds.

Our Raised Panel Murphy Bed is one of our most sought after Murphy Bed Systems. We use a painted lacquer on the surface of the material which is far superior to Thermafoil which is the product all of our competitors use. Thermafoil is a plastic coating melted on top of the surface of the door panel. With temperature differentials in heat the plastic actually expands and with cool temperature retracts and over time the plastic coating separates from the door. With our far superior painted lacquer the paint will never expand or retract allowing for a ever lasting appearance.

Flat Panel Murphy Bed

Flat Panel Murphy Beds.

The Flat Panel Murphy Bed is made out of a durable melamine or wood veneer. For its price point and overall modern appearance the Flat Panel Murphy Bed is our quickest seller. The Flat Panel Murphy Bed comes beautifully finished in your choice of one of our 45 color & stain selections.

Solid Wood Murphy Bed


Solid wood Murphy Beds At Motivo Interiors In London Ontario.

There are no plastics or flake board materials used in the construction of our Solid Wood Murphy Bed Systems. Our Solid Wood Murphy Bed systems are available in Oak, Pine, Maple and Wormy Maple in any of our stain selections. This product is also available unfinished if you would prefer to stain or paint it yourself. Our solid Wood Murphy Bed Systems are engineered to last a life time.

Pillowed Edge Murphy Bed

The Pillowed Edge Murphy Bed.

The Pillowed Edging on the sides of the door panels is a new sleek look that is becoming even more popular. Once we started incorporating this new design on our Murphy Bed & Wall Bed Systems we realized it is a design that is here to stay. With a modern flat look but with a slight amount of detail the NEW Pillowed Edge Murphy Bed system is one of our amazing new additions. Visit our showroom in London Ontario today and see our Pillowed Edge Murphy Bed in person.

We manufacture all of our Murphy Bed & Wall Bed cabinetry right here in London Ontario. Serving satisfied customers with our Murphy Beds & Wall Beds throughout southern Ontario including London, Toronto – GTA area, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Scarborough, Oshawa, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Stratford, Guelph, Hamilton, St Catherines, Niagara Peninsula region, Sudbury, Collingwood, Brampton, Bramalea, Windsor, Sarnia, Leamington, Kingston, Kingsville Ontario. 

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