Zoom Room

How Does It Work?

It’s been known for years that bowed wooden slats outshine box springs in terms of comfort, support and durability. The Zoom Room bed system is based upon a flexible slatted frame attached to a patented drive train that pulls the bed up a vertical track. The premium foam mattress is famous for its elasticity and ability to maintain shape even after tens of thousands of “bends” from vertical to horizontal.
Requiring just 24” of cabinet depth, the system is undetectable. Yet one touch of the wireless remote unveils the most technologically sophisticated bed on the market today.
Comfort: Meticulously designed to conform to your body and eliminate uncomfortable pressure points, Zoom Room is, quite simply, as comfortable as any bed in your home. It`s adjustable slatted base and luxurious foam mattress ensure a refreshing and peaceful night’s sleep.
Quality: The Zoom Room system is built to last, with the mechanism and mattress carrying a 10-year limited warranty. Each component is rigorously tested to ensure years of comfort and satisfaction.
Standard Cabinets: The Zoom Room system comes in Queen-size, use’s standard bed sheets, and is perfect as part of a home entertainment system, office, living room, or even that extra bedroom. The front of the cabinet and everything in it remains undisturbed.
You can have a custom design built for you, or choose from our line of Standard Cabinets. You may choose to have just the Centre piece, add a side or two for storage, or any other configuration you want.
Our Zoom Room Standard design is elegant, modern, and available in Forty Five different finishes and colours.
Motivo is the only dealer in London, Ontario that can provide the Zoom Room product to you. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you build that perfect extra bedroom, home office or living room.

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